About Dr Sumi Padayachee

Dr Sumi is a specialist Breast Radiologist, focusing her career exclusively on breast imaging, image guided breast biopsy, breast disease diagnosis and bone imaging.

She graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School (1994) and undertook her radiology training at the University of the Witwatersrand and Gauteng Academic Hospitals (1998-2002).

After a decade of practicing General Radiology she realised her passion for this aspect of Women’s Health.

She has years of experience and expertise in digital mammography, bone densitometry and minimally invasive image guided breast biopsy.

She is dedicated to excellent breast and bone healthcare and is focused on providing her patients with the latest innovative solutions to improve and optimise early detection of Breast Cancer and Osteoporosis.

She is a strong advocate of protocol-led-multidisciplinary breast care.

She focuses not only on breast disease diagnosis but on the whole patient, including the physical co-morbidities, emotional and psychological ramifications of these diseases.

She founded ARYA STANA BONE & BREAST CARE, the only dedicated breast and bone imaging centre in Cape Town.

Her patients will appreciate the privacy, convenience, and peace of mind that comes from her expertise and advanced imaging technology within a warm, relaxing environment.